Even starting to think about buying a house is a big step and you've got an exciting journey ahead of you.

Getting a mortgage can feel like a bit of a minefield, especially for first-time buyers, and there will be hurdles. But at the end of the process is a new home, ready to be the backdrop for a new life. 

We've tried to simplify the mortgage process for first-time buyers by creating a helpful guide complete with everything you need know.  

Questions covered in this eBook include:

  1. How do I get a mortgage as a first-time buyer?

  2. How does the mortgage application process work?

  3. What is the best mortgage for a first-time buyer?

  4. How much will it cost me to get a mortgage as a first-time buyer?

  5. Which types of mortgage are available to first-time buyers?

  6. How repaying a mortgage works?

  7. How do I boost my chances of acceptance?

  8. What happens if my mortgage application is rejected?

  9. What is a mortgage advisor, and how can they help me?

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